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Reasons why Ford shares could be considered a bargain right now

Price/book value is 0.99. Sometimes stocks with p/b near 3 are still considered a buy by value investors.

Fordward P/E is lower as 7

Car manufacturing stocks tend to be cyclical which makes the current ROIC of near 1.8% less scary.

Current ratio 1.20 is abit tight, but durable while low central rent sticks.

Currently the car industry reinvents itself towards durability

Henry Ford's grandson William Clay is chief of the board. He is a vegan, thus he likely genuinely is interested in durability concepts.

Only 7.61% of shares currently held by institutional holders, meaning that when institutions will start to buy ford stock again when all current relative uncertainty (due to trade war / company future projects succes) vanishes, the stock price could rise about 6.5 times. before 50% is held by institutions. If the next cycle is perfectly succesful, close to  80% of shares could be bought by institutions before running out of buyers (23% currently hold by insiders) meaning price could…

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